'Choreplay' Is Everything: Couples Who Split Chore Duty Have More Sex

Sheryl Sandberg, the woman behind the Lean In movement, wants husbands and partners to know they're not off the hook quite yet.

During a Thursday appearance on the Fox's “The Kelly File,” the Facebook COO rehashed details of her newly-published article in The New York Times that discusses male success "in the boardroom and the bedroom."

Sandberg explained #LeanInTogether, her new campaign encouraging male support of female success.

In particular, Sandberg spoke about the importance of male partners taking on half the chores at home.

She said,

On the home front, couples that share responsibility 50/50 are happier, lower divorce, more sex. Choreplay is real... Choreplay is real. Don't buy flowers. Do laundry.

Although media outlets like The Guardian and Christian Science Monitor since publicly derided the idea of using chores as some kind of domestic currency, there's scientific research backing Sandberg's assertions.

For example, a Cornell University study published this past summer indicated married couples equally splitting household chores had at least as much sex as those couples with arrangement of the woman completing the majority of the work.

Often, the partners who split the work equally reported being more satisfied with sex and having it more frequently than their more traditional peers.

Put down the roses and pick up the vacuum; Sandberg just might be right.

Sandberg told host Megyn Kelly chores are the key to a happy, equal marriage.

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