'Mamading': British Tourist Blows 24 Guys In Spain, All For A Single Free Drink

by Alexia LaFata

Forget soccer: The new competitive sport taking Europe by storm is "Mamading," and it involves oral sex in exchange for free drinks.

It's a contest of sorts. The goal is to give the most blowjobs in the shortest amount of time.

Shocking two-and-a-half-minute footage of a young British girl giving over 20 Spanish men blow jobs -- "Mamading" -- on a public dance floor in Magaluf, a holiday resort on the Spanish island of Majorca, has gone viral all over the internet.

"Mamada" is a Spanish slang term for performing a sexual act. With the dudes' penises whipped out and ready, the British girl goes from blowing one guy from another and back again. The DJ is heard cheering everything on in the background.

The video is obviously extremely NSFW, but if you insist on watching it, follow this link.

It's been reported that the girl received a 3 euro bottle of Cava for her actions. Normally, a woman who engages in the most amount of fellatio in the shortest amount of time receives unlimited access to the alcohol in Magaluf.

An article on Vice (that has since been taken down) said the trend has been occurring for a few years, but is recently getting worse.

The owner of the bar told Vice that the popularity of Mamading has to do with pub crawls:

There are more and more of these pub crawls being set up, and it’s competition; they’re just trying to make them more and more sexy. I saw a lad blowing another lad the other day on a booze cruise. The DJ just announced it, and he was like, 'Go on then.' It was for 20 extra points that don’t even exist. It’s a load of crap at the end of the day.

Manuel Onieva, the local mayor, has ordered a police investigation of the trend, telling Mallorcan Daily that he completely "rejects" these activities, and warns bars that they will be closed if the Mamading continues.

Jay Gardner, star of the MTV UK show "Geordie Shore," has apparently been spotted in the video, but there's no indication that he actually took part in the festivities.

People on Twitter were disgusted upon seeing the video, and it has sparked outrage in Spain.

The vid of the girl in Magaluf doing the rounds on social media is prob the most distressing thing I've seen in ages. All for a free drink?! — Joe Clutterbrook (@JoeClutterbrook) July 2, 2014
The girl in Magaluf that gave 24 BJ's to different lads in the space of like 5-10 minutes for a FREE DRINK, be ashamed. — conor (@iAmConorMc) July 2, 2014
The British girl, who performed sexual acts on 24 men in Magaluf, clearly has no shame, no dignity, no self respect and no morals #trash — Your Girlfriend (@NataliaKepinska) July 3, 2014
The video of that girl in magaluf is absolutely repulsive. Girl has zero class and clearly no respect for herself — Rushina Paris (@RushinaParis) July 3, 2014
Saw that #mamading video. Someone needs to explain to me right now what is wrong with people. I wonder if she kisses her mam with tht mouth? — Amber Turner (@79LtdEdition) July 3, 2014

via Vice/Buzzfeed