Bride Nearly Drowns After Jumping Into Water With Her Gown On (Video)

by Emily Arata

Trash the dress if you must, but make sure you're doing it on land.

A newly-hitched woman in a viral clip almost lost her life in an effort to ruin her wedding dress.

The "trash the dress" trend, which gained popularity in recent years, invites brides to paint on or muddy up the white gowns they'll never wear again.

This particular woman, however, decided jumping off a boat into deep water was the perfect way to wreck the gown.

Disastrously, the woman's face became temporarily buried under layers of waterlogged fabric.

Although this woman is saved at the last minute, not all brides are so lucky.

In 2012, a Canadian woman drowned after being pulled down by a river's current during her "trash the dress" shoot.

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