Blind Woman Demonstrates How She Puts On Her Makeup Every Day (Video)

Successfully applying makeup without using a mirror is like trying to draw a picture with your eyes closed: It takes a lot of practice.

Christine Ha has the skill down pat.

The chef-turned-video blogger lost her eyesight in 2007 as a result of an autoimmune disorder.

To help cope with the loss, Ha launched a Youtube video series called “The Blind Life of Christine Ha,” which gives viewers an intimate look into the life of a visually-impaired woman.

One of her most-watched videos is a beauty tutorial, of sorts, called “How The Blind Put On Makeup.”

In the video, she documents her daily beauty routine, explaining how she uses her other senses as a guide when applying makeup.

It's seriously impressive -- plus, her positive attitude and optimism are inspiring.

Check it out up top, and see Ha's other videos on her Youtube channel.

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