This Blind Jack Russell Has His Own Guide Dog And They're Inseparable (Photos)

Sure, we've all seen blind people with guide dogs.

But what about seeing eye dogs that guide their fellow furry friends?

Recently, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Buzz and a Jack Russell Terrier named Glenn were found abandoned together in Hartlepool, Durham.

However, these guys aren't your ordinary inseparable barking BFFs.

Glenn is permanently blind and relies on his buddy Buzz to be his eyes and guide him everywhere they go.

The dynamic doggy duo was rescued by Coxhoe's Stray Aid center, and the center is now trying to find a loving home for the precious puppy pair.

One staff member, Sue Bielby, told Daily Mail,

Buzz acts as Glenn's eyes and it's as simple as that. Glenn gets his confidence from Buzz. If they are separated even for a few minutes they both bark and become distressed so they would need to have a loving home together.

Buzz is always looking out for his little blind buddy, and Glenn counts on Buzz to help him with everything.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these adorable dogs.

Meet Buzz and Glenn.

Glenn is an elderly blind Jack Russell Terrier who relies on Buzz, his Staffordshire Bull Terrier pal, to see for him.

The two pups were discovered and rescued after someone abandoned the adorable duo in a Hartlepool sea tunnel.

These furry guys have clearly been friends for a long time because they are simply inseparable and quickly become distressed when they're apart.

The shelter's manager, John Bielby, told the Daily Mail, "They stay together at all times and Glenn follows Buzz wherever he goes. Wherever one goes the other one follows."

Glenn can always count on Buzz to act as his eyes and see him through their day-to-day activities.

Buzz guides Glenn around and makes sure he doesn't walk into things while they're inside.

Now the shelter is working hard to find a family that will take both of these special barking besties.

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