Man Catches His Best Friend's Wife Cheating With A Bartender (Video)

by Emily Arata

Cheating is only fun until your husband's best man shows up and begins recording.

According to the story posted by the video's uploader, Redditor TheOnlyUser, the woman had cheated once before, about a year and a half ago.

Her boyfriend at the time discovered the infidelity after she reportedly contracted a gonorrhea-induced throat infection. Soon after, the woman confessed and apologized.

The couple had a dramatic reunion that eventually led to an exotic destination wedding in Thailand.

Then this video happened.

About a week ago, the husband began growing suspicious that his wife had slipped into her cheating ways again.

After seeing a social media update that she was visiting a certain bar, the husband asked his best friend (and one-time best man) to check up on the wayward woman. He found her with the same man as before, a bartender.

TheOnlyUser reports the best man showed the woman's husband the video, after which he promptly took back the ring and gave his cheating wife a day to move out of the house.

You can't exactly deny video proof of infidelity.

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