16 Images Of Heroic People Defending Baltimore, Not Destroying It


Baltimore is a great city with a rich culture and a dynamic history. This fact is often forgotten, however, due to its reputation for violence, gang activity, drug trafficking and extreme poverty.

Recent events surrounding the death of Freddie Gray have undoubtedly reinforced this image.

But, if you’ve ever been to Baltimore, you know it’s much more than what’s depicted in “The Wire” or shown on the news. It’s a proud city with many traditions and a resilient population. In spite of all it’s been through, there is great hope in Baltimore and an inspiring level of unity among the people.

While media coverage on Monday night may have primarily depicted people destroying the city, there have also been many people fighting to defend their beloved home.

Here are 16 images that show the people of Baltimore defending their city, not destroying it:

Robert Valentine, a Vietnam veteran who served for 30 years, stood up to the rioters on Monday night.

 A young boy took the time to hand out water to police.

Jason Butler, obviously a proud Orioles fan, woke up early to clean up in the aftermath of the riots.

Rival gang members declared a truce for the sake of peace.

A mother dragged her son away from the rioting. Tough love.

Volunteers came together to clean up debris from a CVS that burned down during the riots.

Students volunteered their time to clean up the city's streets.

Community and solidarity have survived in the midst of pain and struggle.

Medics have taken to the streets in case people need their help.

This man bravely stood between rioters and police, shouting, "Don't give them a reason!"

Baltimore's people are already rebuilding; they refuse to give up hope.

Instead of rioting, these people chose to dance. Who doesn't like a little Michael Jackson?

This man took it a step further...

And if Michael Jackson's not your thing, how about some James Brown?

Even though they weren't responsible for the mess, ordinary citizens came together on Tuesday to clean up their hometown.

Baltimore refuses to give up, and it will survive this.