The Average Costs Of Weddings Across The United States Might Shock You

Wedding fever is increasingly spiraling out of control, hitting its highest price yet in 2014.

According to data from wedding website The Knot, which surveyed around 16,000 spouses-to-be this past year, the average American ceremony and reception now costs just over $31,000.

That's without tacking on plane tickets and a suite at a luxury resort for the honeymoon.

The Knot's data shows residents of New York – specifically Manhattan and Long Island – spend between $55,000 and $76,000 on weddings while residents of Utah cap their budgets, on average, at $15,257.

According to the wedding site, added expense may be partially attributed to the growing preference for highly personalized weddings.

Instead of a bland hotel ballroom, couples are more likely to rent out a quaint historical mansion for their guests. They're also allowing parents to pay for about 55 percent of the celebration.

In fact, you may as well throw the term "budget" out the window because The Knot reports it's being used very loosely. About 45 percent of respondents went over budget on their 2014 weddings while 23 percent didn't even bother making one.

If there's a lavish wedding in your future, start saving your pennies now. Wedding prices will be even higher by the time you reach the altar.

Check out which states host the most expensive weddings:

Here's the breakdown of how that money is spent:

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