Tim Cook Offered Steve Jobs Part Of His Liver To Try To Save His Life

by Sean Levinson

Apple CEO Tim Cook tried to save the life of Steve Jobs by giving him a part of his own liver.

Fast Company reports a new book called "Becoming Steve Jobs" reveals how pancreatic cancer made Jobs so weak, by 2009, he couldn't even get out of bed.

Cook would constantly check on Jobs at his Palo Alto home, and on one particular afternoon in January of that year, Cook decided he couldn't wait any longer for the Apple founder to have a liver transplant.

So, Cook had his own blood tested and found out he had a rare blood type, just like Jobs.

Further research showed he could have just a part of his liver transferred to Jobs because the organ is regenerative, meaning the transplanted piece would eventually grow into a full-sized liver.

Cook went to Jobs' home to pitch the transplant, but as a testament to the innovator's trademark stubbornness, Jobs refused.

In the book, Cook says,

He cut me off at the legs, almost before the words were out of my mouth. 'No,' he said. 'I'll never let you do that. I'll never do that.'

Cook assured Jobs he was healthy and the procedure wouldn't harm him, but he was shot down once again.

Cook added,

It was not, 'Are you sure you want to do this?' It was not, 'I'll think about it.' It was not, 'Oh, the condition I'm in...' It was, 'No, I'm not doing that!' Steve only yelled at me four or five times during the 13 years I knew him, and this was one of them.

Jobs had a liver transplant in March 2009 but ultimately died in October of 2011 at age 56.

The book, which was written by technology journalist Brent Schlender and Fast Company executive director Rick Tetzeli, is full of surprises about Jobs.

According to the BBC, the book says he was very interested in search engines and considered buying Yahoo to become a serious competitor in the business.

Rumors of an Apple TV seemed increasingly valid some years ago, but the book quotes Jobs as saying it wasn't going to happen.

After all, Jobs once said,

I just don't like television. Apple will never make a TV again.

"Becoming Steve Jobs" will be available March 24.

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