American Apparel Casting Call Asks For No 'Instagram Hoes Or Thots'

When I hear the words American Apparel, I immediately think of grossly skinny models hiding their insecurities behind colorful tights and red lipstick.

That isn't to say I'm not a fan of the brand. I am. I think its clothes are essentially well-priced wardrobe staples.

But the reason the clothing company is well-known has nothing to do with the quality of its products (if that were the case, every pair of pants I've purchased from AA stores wouldn't rip within a month).

Strategic branding and careful marketing have established American Apparel to be a lustful, sexy and trendy clothing store that caters to younger generations who like to rep their new purchases for likes, pins and shares all over social media.

So when Animal leaked an American Apparel casting call that says the company is going through a rebranding phase and is seeking real models rather than "Instagram hoes or thots," I imagine the selfie queens of IG were crushed.

The casting email was sent by Phira Luon, the agency director of PhotoGenics, which is responsible for hiring American Apparel's next set of models for the company's infamous photoshoots.

Luon says he takes full responsibility for the email according to Animal, but uses the age-old excuse that the whole part about "hoes" and "thots" was just a joke between friends.

Oh, Luon. Luon, Luon, Luon. Welcome to the Internet, where you will now be crushed.

People don't normally take well to being categorized as "hoes" or "thots" in general, and I doubt they're going to sit back and take one of the most hypocritical "jokes" we've ever seen a fashion company make.

And on that note, haven't you heard of not biting the hand that feeds you? Not to throw too much shade at the apparel store, but I mean, come on.

Its advertisements are essentially what's made being "Instagram hoes" and "thots" a trendy reality we see in the media. And chances are, those people you're basically shaming for posting pictures online are wearing your clothes.

That's all the tea that shall be spilled on this topic today, kids.