Heartwarming Ad Shows The Sacrifice A Father Makes For His Daughter

You know what must be really difficult to advertise for? Life insurance.

Think about it: Nobody wants to contemplate his or her own death, but a person's inevitable demise is what life insurance companies profit from. It’s kind of depressing, really.

That said, MetLife, a life insurance company, did a pretty damn good job in their latest commercial for MetLife Hong Kong.

In the commercial, a young girl describes her father with admiration via voiceover as footage of the two interacting in different situations plays in succession.

It then takes a turn, as the child explains that her father lies -- about his finances, his career, his happiness -- as he’s shown struggling at various low-paying day jobs to support his daughter.

Text on the screen reads,

A child’s future is worth every sacrifice.

The idea of focusing on the child’s future instead of one’s own is what makes this commercial successful, as there is nothing more important to parents than the well-being of their child.

In addition to advertising life insurance, the ad introduces the company’s #DreamForMyChild campaign, which will grant one deserving family a financial plan to aid in funding the child’s future.

Learn more about the campaign here and MetLife’s services here.