This Ad Will Make You Want To Drop Everything And Go On An Adventure

Can you remember the last time you explored?

Not on Instagram, but in real life -- outside, in nature, enjoying the moment.

What about the last time you simply unplugged from technology for the day?

Most of us can't. Media has become our lifeline; living has been reduced to existing.

Personal care brand Godrej Cinthol's latest ad will make you rethink your social media obsession.

Reminiscent of Prince Ea's Can We Autocorrect Humanity?, Cinthol's ad, Alive is Offline, urges viewers to disconnect and experience the world around them.

In the ad, a man travels through different landscapes while an unseen narrator describes “a world where you log in without a password,” and where “you make friends without a request.”

In this ideal world, nature trumps all. You are guided, not by an app, “but by your heart.”

Finally, the conclusion:

The world is more beautiful than the world wide web.

The scenery is gorgeous, and the message is powerfully convincing.

The world has so much more to offer than the Internet does. Why waste it?

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