Guy Continues His Epic 3-Year Journey Of Selfies Around The World (Video)

Last year, we shared a video made by traveler Alex Chacon, which documented one year of his multinational travels.

Chacon is on a three-year-long around-the-world journey, and on Monday, finally released a another video, this one documenting his second year of travels in over 40 countries.

Called “Around the World in 360 Degrees — Part II,” the video features Chacon using a selfie stick to capture a 360-degree view of each place on his travels.

As he spins in circles, the scenery changes: One moment, he's in Athens; the next, Egypt.

The format is uniquely his (he's been credited with inventing the 360-degree selfie) and the footage is incredibly beautiful.

You can follow the Texas native's adventures over at the Modern Motorcycle Diaries blog, which he updates often, and on Instagram.

Check out his latest travel video up top (but prepare for serious wanderlust).

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