Female Gym Teacher Caught Sleeping With Young Student Multiple Times

When Megan Mahoney offered to coach one of her young, male students in basketball, she apparently had more than athletics in mind.

The 24-year-old Catholic school teacher from Staten Island has been charged with 30 counts of statutory rape and four of criminal sexual acts for her relationship with a 16-year-old student, which happened between October 2013 and January 2014.

Mahoney, who was the assistant athletic director and assistant girls' basketball coach at Moore Catholic High School, began a months-long affair when she offered to give the teen a little extra help with basketball.

She and the student engaged in sex at least twice a week, and oral sex several times a month, according to police.

The tryst came to a sudden end when the teen's ex-girlfriend called the police after spotting Mahoney and the student eating out at a local pizza parlor. The student had also bragged about his conquests to his friends.

When officials informed the school in January, Mahoney promptly resigned from her job and Moore reportedly expelled the student.

Mahoney has since been released without bail until her trial date can be scheduled.

H/T: Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: Facebook