15-Year-Old, Self-Taught Engineer Wows MIT (Video)

Thanksgiving is the one time a year that we are all nudged towards contemplating over the things that we are grateful for. There are countless things that each and every person in the world can be thankful for- although, for some, it may be difficult to recognize. Some people have it much harder than others.

Many have had a very difficult year; others have had a very difficult life. While tragedies and difficulties cannot be overlooked, they ought to be overshadowed by all the good in our lives.

Life itself is something to be thankful for. So if you are reading this, then you cannot tell me that there is nothing at all for you to be happy about. You are alive. You most likely live somewhere where electricity and Internet are taken for granted.

There are many places in the world where people are forced to live amidst poverty or violence- places where finding clean water or safe shelter is a project.

But don’t feel bad for these people. They aren’t miserable. Many of them are quite happy and content. Sure, they would love to have electricity everyday and would love to be able to eat 7 days a week, but they are happy for what they have. You may believe that these people don’t have opportunities, but that isn’t true either. The strongest and the brightest create opportunity for themselves.

15-year-old Kevin Doe from Sierra Leone is the perfect example and an inspiration to all of us who believe that we have it too tough. What this young man has taught himself to do, and under the conditions that he was able to pursue his dreams, can teach us all an important life lesson.

I don’t want to say too much. Please do yourself a favor and watch the video. If you are moved by what you see then visit and help kids like Kevin Doe create a better future for everyone.

Paul Hudson | Elite.