The 10 Things You Need To Realize Once You Graduate College

College can be quite a fun and enriching experience. You get to meet new people, bang a bunch of girls and learn how to bullshit your way through pretty much everything.

But once you graduate, you’ll realize that it’s a whole other ball game. This is where many poor saps mess up. They take this frat mentality into the real world and get smacked in the face.

Then they wonder why they can’t find a good job and no one will hire them. It’s because they’re morons. Don’t be one of these idiots. These are the 10 Things You Need To Realize Once You Graduate College.

10. Get your work done at all costs.

In the real world there are no excuses for not finishing what your boss asks you to get done. Keep yourself organized, but outsource your work if you have to.

9. These people are not your friends.

You must forget about the frat mentality. No one cares about your friendship. It's all about the bottom line. Bring value to any relationship and you will be sure to profit from it.

8. Always learn from them but never become them.

Learn from your bosses like you do from your teachers, but don't become them. Always be innovative and relate all the knowledge you receive to the things you love doing. It's just a better feeling when you become successful doing what you love.

7. Get high if you need to, but don't make your problem anyone else's.

Everyone has their vices, but don't make yours known. Keep your habits under wraps and don't have your problem affect those around you.

6. Don't follow the paved road. Forge your own path.

Don't conform to the life society has set out for you. Following society's plan for you is dull and boring. This method may be great if you want to have a pointless diploma hanging on your wall while you work for someone else. Be your own person and live the life you want to.

5. You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone and move to the city.

Most of your opportunities will come in large urban areas. No feat is more daunting than having to leave your home and live in the big city all alone. Moving back in with your parents should not be an option. Step outside your comfort zone and take that leap to the city.

4. There is no pass/fail in life.

Get yourself together. You can't go along missing assignments in the business world. Once you're gone, you're gone. When you get fired at your job there is no second chance. Being on time is late in this world so make sure all your work is done before your boss asks for it.

3. Time is your most valuable commodity.

Time is the thing we want the most, but use the worst. Just remember while you're sleeping someone is up banking opportunities you let pass by. Having the time to properly rest and recover is going to be more and more of a luxury.

2. Family is more important than ever.

When it gets tough and you feel like you want to quit it's time to realize that you are not alone out there. Your family will always be there to support you when it seems like you hit a wall. Always keep a good relationship with your family and know that you can confide in them.

1. Your life if not dictated by a syllabus.

You are no longer taught through a book. You must realize that there is no longer a syllabus to guide you. The experiences in your life will be full of lessons, so learn from them. Let your mistakes be your teacher and don't make a habit of repeating them.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images