Woman Shuts Down Rude Passenger On The Train In The Best Way Possible

Living in a major city comes with tons of perks.

It also, sometimes, comes with drawbacks — a major one being public transportation.

Nearly everyone who lives in a major metropolitan area deals with a subway nightmare of some kind. In New York, it's the serial train masturbator or the homeless guy covered in his own sh*t.

In London, apparently, it's rude passengers.

Londoner Scott Sparrow took to Facebook on Monday to share a story about an amazing takedown he witnessed on the Tube.

I'll let him tell it, but the abbreviated version is as follows: Skeevy man eyes young woman's chest.

Skeevy man then comments on young woman's choice of dress in a rather condescending manner. Older woman sitting nearby fires back at skeevy man in the most epic manner ever.

Scott Sparrow tells the story. The world applauds.

Sparrow's post has been shared more than 5,000 times, and Twitter is blowing up with reactions from fellow city dwellers who understand how wonderful this triumphant tale truly is.

Here's the full story.


I'd disagree; this is the best thing on Facebook ever.

This is the best thing I've seen on FB in a long time. — Jamie Klingler (@jamieklingler) August 10, 2015

And the "old lady"? She's the best person ever.

@jamieklingler @bickypeg She is my new role model! Hope I have her spirit when that old :-) — Angi Mansi (@WorkPsychol) August 10, 2015

There's nothing like a good dose of karma to turn your day around.

@jamieklingler @tinytwink this has cheered me right up — Katy (@itskatywithay) August 10, 2015

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