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Woman Allegedly Stabbed Her Husband Because She Didn't Like His Instagram

A mother of three is said to have stabbed her husband after seeing something she didn't like on a social media page.

According to CentralMaine.com, the oldest daughter of Tracy Fleischer told police her father appeared worried Friday afternoon over a recent post to his Instagram account.

It appears something was posted to the page he didn't want Fleischer, his wife, to see.

Fleischer, 34, arrived at their home in Augusta, Maine that day after her husband went back to work.

She just purchased a new kitchen knife and quickly began to remove it from its package.

Augusta Police Officer Brett Lowell said in a court affidavit,

The daughter stated that (her father) often hides all of the kitchen knives due to the past violence between Tracy against (him).

At around 4 pm, when the husband returned home, Fleischer reportedly sent her daughter outside and stabbed her husband in the torso.

The daughter, who heard her father's screams, grabbed her father by the shirt, pulled him outside and wrapped her shirt around the stab wound.

Assistant District Attorney Francis Griffin said Fleischer "called for help" to admit she stabbed her husband before driving him to the hospital, The Telegraph reports.

Fleischer also allegedly stabbed him in the leg during the drive and then got rid of the knife.

The first stabbing hit some of the father's vital organs, but his life is not in danger.

Fleischer was arrested at her home Friday night and charged with elevated aggravated assault.

She appeared in court on Monday, where a judge set her bail at $75,000 in cash.

Fleischer, who had no criminal record prior to the stabbing, is also prohibited from having contact with her three children.

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