Here's What Happened When A Woman Stabbed A Guy With Her Louboutin Heel

A 22-year-old UK woman, Shadiya Omar, has put off jail time after stabbing a guy in the eye with her Louboutin heel so forcefully he had to physically pull it out. Yikes.

Complex reports the high-fashion stabbing took place after an argument over potato chips. Apparently, Omar's friend slapped a bag of chips out of victim Justin Lloyd's hand when he offered her some. The fight escalated when Lloyd tried to dump the bag's contents on her head.

Omar stepped in to defend her friend, heels in hand, and stabbed Lloyd in the eye with her stiletto.

According to Omar's defense attorney, she did not take her shoes off with the intention of using them as weapons. Her feet were allegedly hurting, which anyone who's ever worn heels can attest to.

The stabbing part, however? Not so relatable.

Luckily, Lloyd did not lose sight in the eye, though he suffered serious wounds and psychological damage. Since she plead guilty, Omar won't have to report to jail just yet.

Thanks to the court's postponement, Lloyd won't have to serve her 18-month prison sentence for at least two years. In the meantime, she'll have to do six months of community service along with paying a small victim fee.

Let's hope she sticks to flats from now on.

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