A Woman's Sexy Selfie Is Going Viral Over This One Hidden Detail


Even with the fact that I know there's something clearly wrong with this picture, I'll be honest: It still looks normal.

That's how subtle of an anomaly in in this picture -- but there is an anomaly in it all the same. Can you figure it out? Take a look.


I mean, it looks fine, doesn't it? Regular chick, cliched selfie pose. Maybe a little corny, if anything, but nothing out of the ordinary. Until you peep...


Yeah, bro. That's a fifth finger. And I'd like to stress it's a fifth finger because it's important to understand we only have four fingers on each hand.

(*Whispers* Thumbs are not fingers. I would argue with you on this, but, you know, there's a time and a place.)

Anyhow, turns out the photo isn't actually all that new. It was initially posted in 2003 through a graphic curation site DevianArt with the LOL-ish title "Look Carefully."

And now, we can all stop looking to save ourselves from the endless cringes.

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