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Woman Says BF Who Blindfolded Her For Sex Was Friend Using A Fake Penis


When Gayle Newland created a fake identity to seduce a UK woman online, the most believable name she could assemble was Kye Fortune.

The 25-year-old allegedly corresponded with her online lover under the pretense she was Kye Fortune, a male brain tumor survivor.

Over the course of the two-year courtship, Fortune and the woman eventually began speaking on the phone. The woman reportedly noted to police Fortune's voice sounded “high-pitched,” but it was not a deterrent.

According to The Telegraph, the woman told police,

By the time the lovers agreed to an in-person rendezvous, the woman already met Fortune's pal, Gayle Newland, and the ladies became fast friends.

When the woman arrived at The Dene Hotel in Chester, England in February 2013, she was met with rose petals and stuffed animals, The Telegraph reports.

But, Fortune allegedly only agreed to meet if the woman wore a sleeping mask and scarf. So, the woman dutifully blindfolded herself to make Fortune feel less insecure about his looks.

The woman claimed she engaged in sex with Fortune who, unbeknownst to the woman at the time, used a prosthetic penis.

The pair's trysts continued until Fortune reportedly visited the woman's home in June 2013 for what would end up being their final meetup.

The woman reportedly explained,

Newland is on trial for five counts of sexual assault.

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