Woman Reveals Simple Beauty Hack Behind Her Unreal 3-Month Acne Transformation

by Harley Tamplin

Savage acne outbreaks are probably the worst thing about being a teenager.

I remember when I genuinely believed my spots would never go away and leave me in peace — thankfully, they did. But for some people, they last long into adult life.

Acne is more than just a skin condition — it saps confidence. But when it finally does clear up, your face totally changes.

For proof, check out this girl's amazing transformation that happened over just three months, which she documented in a series of photos.

Posting them on Imgur under the title “My Acne Journey,” somethingwritten's pictures reveal the simple ways the woman finally banished her acne.

This picture, taken in December 2016, is her starting point.


At the time, she wrote she was compulsively picking at her skin because of stress and not washing her face.

This is when she decided to make a change.


She said she “couldn't go outside” without heavily applied makeup, and noted the open sores were “obvious and embarrassing.”

By the time the new year rolled around, she was washing her face consistently and made a New Year's resolution to stop picking her spots.


By February, progress was starting to show.

The acne had clearly improved, and she was washing her face every morning.


By last week, just three months after the first picture was taken, she posted this photo:


She wrote,

My self esteem SKYROCKETED, and I didn't have to wake up a half hour early to put on coverup. I wanted to show you guys the difference a full face of makeup makes with clear skin. Before, I used makeup to hide my skin. Now, I use makeup to enhance my features. Huge difference.

She is smiling more often in her recent pics, and that's almost certainly down to her newfound confidence.

It turns out simply washing your face religiously every day can have a huge impact on your skin and avoid years of teenage anguish.

Who knew?

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