Woman Discovers 'Alien' Outside After Seeing Strange Lights In The Sky (Photo)

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A Facebook user posted a picture of what she believes to be an alien shortly after a UFO was reportedly sighted over the weekend.

West Coast residents were stunned and petrified to see a mysterious white light moving through the sky on November 7.

Rumors of extraterrestrial activity were quickly quashed when the US Navy said the light came from a missile being tested by the military.

Facebook user Sparkle Chante, however, believes this explanation was a lie.

Yesterday evening, she posted a screenshot of several photos seemingly taken by another Facebook user on the night of this apparent missile test.

The unverified pictures seem to show a grotesque creature unlike anything in the animal kingdom. The thing was reportedly found in San Jose, California.

In Southern California everybody noticed a bright weird light... The government tried to tell everybody it's a testing... Posted by Sparkle Chante on Sunday, November 8, 2015

In the screenshot's caption, Chante implied the government deleted the photos to cover up the true cause of Saturday's white light.

According to Daily Mail, the missile was unarmed and fired from a submarine off the coast of Los Angeles.

A Navy commander stated the weapons system, which can fire nuclear missiles, is tested regularly to make sure it is working properly. As a result of the tests, flights coming in and out of Los Angeles International Airport must reroute to avoid Pacific Ocean airspace until November 12.

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