Mind = Blown: Woman Discovers You Can Remove Plastic Backs Of Earrings


This is HUGE.

You know those tacky pieces of plastic on the back of earrings?

Well apparently, you could remove them from the earring backs this whole effing time.

Twitter user @Chelsea_Smithh made the discovery.

The Internet is mystified over this newfound fact.

Whatever “OMFHSJF” is, this girl is feeling it.

Someone tell this girl it's not her fault.

It's such a simple solution to such a random pseudo-problem.

People are now questioning how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The discovery was retweeted almost 40,000 times.

Still, some people are saying this plastic piece is actually important to the earring itself and shouldn't be removed.

According to About.com, the plastic piece is an earring back stabilizer, frequently referred to as a "clutch," and it is used to displace weight so the earring doesn't droop.

Many Twitter users warned Chelsea of the Pandora's jewelry box she just opened because, apparently, some plastic pieces just aren't meant to be taken off their earring backs.

So, unless you want your ear looking like this, you should probably just keep the clutch in and suffer in plastic-disk silence.

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