Woman Disappears After Movie Night With On-And-Off BF

This is just plain scary. You can file this story under "Nope." Seriously, I cannot handle a stories involving a person's disappearance.

A Sul Ross State University student by the name of Zuzu Verk has gone missing as of early morning on October 12, which has prompted a police search to help find her and make sure she's safe.

The most chilling part of this story is the fact that the last time she was seen was with a group of friends as they went out for a movie night on October 11.

Also invited along? Her on-again, off-again boyfriend. (Cue record scratch.)

Now, hold up. Before you starting grabbing those pitchforks, he's just a person of interest. Cool your jets there, pal.

So far, she's missed a midterm exam, her cellphone has died, and she's missed a camping trip she had been planned ti go on after taking her test.

Arlington Police took to Facebook to release the following statement, which tells people all the relevant details surrounding Zuzu's unexplained disappearance.

Following this, police also asked to keep a lookout for two cars: a grey 2006 Jeep Liberty and a 2004 Mazda Miata convertible.

Needless to say, if you see something, say something. Time is of the essence in this search, and any little piece of info can be useful.

When people disappear like this, every second counts.

Authorities have already looked high and low for her over 200 square miles. I, for one, have all my fingers crossed that Zuzu comes home safely.

If you'd like to contribute to help Zuzu's family cover their travel costs for the search, feel free to donate to their GoFundMe page.

There's currently a $30,000 reward for anyone who has any information that leads to her safe return.

So please, feel free to reach out to the Alpine Police Department at (432) 837-3487.

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