Woman Who Died After Taking Diet Pills Sent Chilling Text Before Death

More scary details emerged in the case of Eloise Aimee Parry, the 21-year-old who passed away in April after taking diet pills laced with dinitrophenol, or DNP.

Parry, who suffered from bulimia, took eight of the pills in a short period of time.

According to experts, as few as two pills can be lethal.

Her death was ruled as accidental, but new details reveal Parry may have known just how dangerous the pills were — but proceeded to take them anyway.

During the official inquest, Detective Sergeant Andy Chatting read a text Parry had sent to one of her professors just hours before dying. It read,

I screwed up big time. Binged/purged all night and took four pills at 4am. I took another four when I woke and I started vomiting soon after. I think I am going to die. No one is known to survive if they vomit after taking DNP. I am so scared.

DNP, for the unacquainted, is an industrial chemical used as a pesticide. It was also used by the French to create explosives during World War I.

The drug is often touted as a fat-burning chemical to help with weight loss because of its ability to increase metabolism, but doctors insist DNP is not safe for human consumption.

It overworks the body's metabolism and, in the case of Eloise Parry, literally burns the body from the inside out.

Though currently unregulated, DNP remains the subject of an ongoing joint investigation by Interpol and the UK's Food Standards Agency.

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