Woman Arrested For Calling In Bomb Threat After Her Purse Was Stolen

A Long Island woman reportedly called in a bomb threat so police would arrive quicker to find her lost handbag.

According to New York Daily News, Lisa Ruberto's Free People bag was stolen after being left unattended in the lobby of Manhattan's Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC hotel on October 10.

Inside the $130 bag were Ruberto's credit cards, driver's license and approximately $2,200 in cash she planned to spend on fixing her car.

Ruberto called 911, but instead of reporting a theft, she claimed her family was involved in a hostile argument.

She made a second 911 call just minutes later. This time, Ruberto said she had reason to believe a bomb was about to explode in the Meatpacking District hotel where she was enjoying a day trip with a friend.

Ruberto revealed herself as the source of the two calls as soon as police arrived.

A source told the New York Daily News Ruberto made the hoax-bomb call “because she figured police would get there quicker if they thought there was a bomb there."

Police called off the Bomb Squad and Emergency Service cops and had Ruberto file a report for her missing bag.

She said she couldn't remember where she put it before it disappeared.

Ruberto, who works at a Southampton clothing store, was then arrested for reckless endangerment. She will appear in court next month.

Ruberto's mother, Caroline Ruberto, told the New York Daily News Lisa is "a good girl" who simply "made a poor judgment, a very poor judgment."

Caroline Ruberto added her daughter was so "beside herself" over the stolen bag.

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