Woman Devastated After Thinking Her BF Was Snoring, But He Was Actually Dead

by Harley Tamplin

A heartbroken mom has spoken out about the horrific moment she told her boyfriend to stop snoring... before realizing he was actually dead.

Lewis Little, who died at just 25, was making a loud gasping noise that woke up his girlfriend Lisa Lee.

The couple, who have a young son named Tyler, knew Lewis had a rare heart condition, but he was thought to be a low-risk sufferer.

25-year-old Lisa, from Northumberland, England, said,

I just thought he was snoring, so I kicked him out of the bed and told him to shut up. But I felt that the sheets were wet and knew something was wrong. I turned the lights on and his face was purple – he wasn't breathing.

But in fact, Lewis wasn't snoring at all.


Shockingly, he had died earlier in his sleep, and the sound Lisa heard was air passing through Lewis' vocal cords as it left his body, according to doctors.

Lisa, who described Lewis as her soulmate, said he died only a year after being diagnosed with Brugada syndrome, despite being told he would live a long and happy life.


She believes that if he had been given an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), a device that can restart someone's heart, he would have survived.

So, Lisa has started a petition calling for people with Brugada syndrome to be fitted with an ICD if they wish.

On the petition webpage, she wrote,

My partner was diagnosed with Brugada in July 2015, had numerous tests but was classed as low risk. He begged to be fitted with an ICD and each time was told he didn't need one as he had no history of heart attacks in his family. He died August 2016. Losing my partner has destroyed me and our son.

She added Lewis lived a normal, active life and was not given any medication to help with his condition.