Guy Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant In The Most Amazing Way Possible (Video)

One lucky guy recently received the surprise of a lifetime, and no, it wasn’t an Apple Watch.

That would have been cool, though, right?

What if his wife surprised him with a watch that can easily transition from daywear to evening wear but maintains solid craftsmanship and, I don’t know, maybe works underwater?

The real surprise changes his life forever, and he is seriously shaken with gratitude.

Perhaps those tears were, in part, sad tears.

Maybe he thought,

A baby with the woman I love! I'm so lucky! I can't wait to teach my child to walk, talk, count, tell ti-- oh, right. I don't have a watch. I was going to wear my Apple Watch Sport to work tomorrow and Adam was going to see who the real Jay Z of the office is. Wait, am I even the Jay Z of the office anymore? I don't own anything even remotely pimpin'! Maybe I can sell this baby for an Apple Watch Sport? STOP. NO. YOU'RE A MONSTER, DAVE.

Oh, well. A baby is cool, too.