A 'White Lives Matter' Protest Was Held In Downtown Dallas

A small "White Lives Matter" protest was held by a group of 20 people on Sunday in Downtown Dallas, the CBS Dallas affiliate reports. The protest was peaceful and occurred under the watch of two police officers.

Scenes of the protest were captured by The Dallas Morning News staff writer Elizabeth Djinis, who shared a series of videos on Twitter.

The protestors had multiple flags, including American and Confederate Battle flags.

The protesters appear to have had multiple back-and-forths with pedestrians.

The protestors' signs and shirts carried multiple messages.

A counter-protest of sorts seemed to be held in the form of dancing to Michael Jackson music.

Now those going against protest are dancing to Michael Jackson. — Elizabeth Djinis (@djinisinabottle) July 17, 2016

Before the protestors left, at least a few pedestrians seemed to attempt brokering a truce.

"Can't we all get along?" — Elizabeth Djinis (@djinisinabottle) July 17, 2016
Yes, there has been anger at this protest, but there has also been hope. — Elizabeth Djinis (@djinisinabottle) July 17, 2016

The last video from Djinis shows the protestors' departure.

White Lives Matter protesters have left. They came from all over TX: Houston, Austin, San Antonio. — Elizabeth Djinis (@djinisinabottle) July 17, 2016

Serving as the context behind the small protest is the shooting of Dallas police officers over a week ago at an anti-police brutality protest. It was the deadliest event for American police officers since the terror attacks on September 11.

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