Everything you need to know about where to buy Reese's new Super King Cups.

Reese’s Released Its Largest Pack Of Cups Ever, And It’s 1 Foot Long

Other snacks just can’t measure up.

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There’s nothing better than peanut butter stuffed into the perfect chocolate cup, except maybe 1 foot worth of the stuff. If that sounds too good to be true, you’re in for a real treat. Reese’s announced the release of the brand new Super King size of Reese’s Cups on Nov. 2, proving once and for all that size does matter (if you want more Reese’s Cups, that is). Here’s everything you need to know about where to buy Reese’s Super King cups to score the biggest pack of your fave candy yet.

The all new Super King size from Reese’s contains six chocolate peanut butter cups under one wrapper, and it measures to be about 1 foot long — that’s a whole 12 inches, in case you forgot. Chocolate lovers should get excited, because the Super King Reese’s cups began rolling into stores nationwide at the beginning November 2021, according to an email from a Reese’s rep to Elite Daily. That means you can score six peanut butter-filled cups in one long AF package so soon.

Whether you prefer to get your candy fix at the grocery store or the CVS down the street, you’ll be living like a king in no time, because you can buy Super King Reese’s cups at nationwide retailers where you usually stock up on your sweet treats. As of Nov. 4, it doesn’t appear the Super King Reese’s cups are available online, but keep an eye out as they continue to roll out this month. It’s not clear how much the Super King Reese’s will cost, but the King Size sells for $1.49 at Target, so you can expect it to be a little more than that.

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With two more Reese’s than the original King Size package, your friends are definitely going to expect you to share, but don’t worry, because the Super King size can be enjoyed solo just as easily. (Whoever said sharing is caring has clearly never felt the power of holding six Reese’s at once.) If you need something to hold you over before you snack like royalty, you can stick with the OG King Size Reese’s.

With the new Super King size, the choice is yours: Share with your SO, or say “not sorry” right to their face? Whatever you choose, just remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules before you storm the nearest grocery store.

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