Here's where to buy Oreo Cakesters when they hit the shelves in 2022.

Oreo Cakesters Are Back After A 10-Year Hiatus — Here’s How To Find Them Near You

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Courtesy of Nabisco

Get ready to upgrade your snack game with a nostalgic favorite. Although classic Oreo cookies are always a staple, those who have missed the soft, creamy goodness of Oreo Cakesters are in luck because after a 10-year hiatus, the sweet treats are coming back. If you’re hype to get your hands on a pack now that it’s finally 2022, here’s where to buy Oreo Cakesters as they hit shelves in January and February.

Nabisco announced the return of the fan-favorite Oreo Cakesters in September 2021, in a post on Instagram and Twitter.Talk about a glow up,” the brand wrote alongside photos of the snack. “Coming back in early 2022.” Fans have been missing Cakesters since they first left the shelves in 2012, and 10 years later, they’re officially coming back to take up a coveted spot in your snack rotation. Starting in early 2022, you’ll be able to grab the Oreo Cakesters in a 10.1-ounce box containing five 2-count packs for $3.69 nationwide. You’ll also be able to grab them in a 2.2-ounce single 2-count pack at convenience stores for $1.89. To easily check where you can buy Oreo Cakesters, go to this location finder on the Oreo website.

The brand hasn’t been specific about which retailers you can expect to find the Oreo Cakesters at, but you can probably expect them to appear at major chains such as Walmart and Target. As of Jan. 11, they appear to be available for purchase on delivery sites like GoPuff.

For a refresher, Oreo Cakesters taste like the classic Oreos you know and love and feature a soft-baked twist on the classic wafer cookies with its chocolate-flavored snack cakes, which sandwich a sweet creme filling.

Courtesy of Nabisco

The Oreo Cakesters first made their debut in 2007, but much to fans' disappointment, the snack was discontinued in 2012 after only five years. Thankfully for snackers everywhere, Oreo received countless pleas to bring the snack cakes back, and it’s finally happening. Even better, you won’t have to worry about the Oreo Cakesters disappearing too soon because they’re coming back as a permanent addition to the Oreo lineup.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to find a new flavor: Nutter Butter Cakesters.

Courtesy of Nabisco

If you’re hype to try a new version of the snack, the Nutter Butter Cakesters feature real peanut butter filling and two soft snack cakes that taste like the classic Nutter Butter cookies. You’ll also be able to find the Nutter Butter Cakesters in a 10.1-ounce box and single 2-count packs where Oreo Cakesters are sold. Similar to the Oreo Cakesters, Nutter Butter Cakesters also appear to be available for order on GoPuff.

When you head to the store to grab a pack of Cakesters (or OG cookies), remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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