Where to buy Oscar Mayer’s Bologna Sheet Mask for a self-care throwback.

Oscar Mayer’s New “Bologna” Face Sheet Masks Look *Very* Realistic

Just don’t try to eat it.

Courtesy of Oscar Mayer

Let’s do a mid-January check-in: How are your skincare-related New Year’s Resolutions going? If the answer is sub-par, Oscar Mayer has got you covered (yup, that Oscar Mayer). On Wednesday, Jan. 19, Oscar Mayer launched the first ever “bologna” sheet mask to inspire customers to stick to their 2022 wellness goals, and it’s working for me already, TBH. If you’re wondering where to buy the Oscar Mayer Bologna Sheet Mask for a self-care throwback, here’s what you need to know.

There’s never been a more perfect match than skincare products and Oscar Mayer. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but seriously — Oscar Mayer’s brand new face mask is it, y’all. Produced by Korean skincare and beauty company Seoul Mamas, the Oscar Mayer Bologna Sheet Mask is a spa-quality sheet mask made with refreshing anti-aging products like witch hazel, seaweed-derived ingredients, and collagen, according to an email from Oscar Mayer to Elite Daily. And before you ask: No, there isn’t actually any bologna in this mask, but it does get its name and inspiration from every child’s favorite sheet mask — a piece of bologna with holes bitten out for the eyes and mouth.

This one-of-a-kind hydrogel mask works to boost hydration, moisture retention, and skin protection benefits, and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a must-have product for all skincare experts and newbies alike, but before you can try it — and transport yourself back to your middle school lunchroom — you need to know where to buy it.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this adult skincare product with a youthful twist, Amazon is where you want to be. Starting Wednesday, Jan. 19, Oscar Mayer fans can grab their very own bologna-inspired sheet mask on Amazon for $5. The quirky face mask is only available while supplies last, though, so make sure not to put off your order (or your skincare routine) for too long.

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Oscar Mayer is putting the “treat” back into “treat yourself” (except, you know, you can’t actually eat it). Make 2022 the year of the skincare routine with the Oscar Mayer Bologna Sheet Mask.