Coolest Wedding Reception Ever Has A Weed Bar And Even A Budtender

Many wedding guests consider it tacky when hosts forgo open bars at their receptions.

Wedding hosts who provide an open weed bar, on the other hand, are going above and beyond.

California couple John Elledge and Whitney Alexander treated guests to a smoke tent at their wedding on a Christmas tree farm in West Linn, Oregon, where friends and loved ones, with the help of a budtender, could sample any of the 13 strains of marijuana distributed to guests.

In an interview with USA TODAY, Elledge, a professional weed grower himself, claimed guests were thrilled with the unique concept.

Even an 81-year-old woman who hadn't smoked weed since the 60s apparently came into the tent, and Elledge said "she loved it."

Bridal Bliss, in Lake Oswego, helped the pair plan the wedding and made sure guests were provided with safe transportation to and from the venue.

The company's owner, Nora Sheils, was overwhelmed by the response from critics and fans of the idea.

She told USA TODAY,

We posted a couple photos from that wedding on Instagram and Facebook and they have just blown up… and people either love it, they think it's such a fun idea, or hate it, they think it's just disgusting.

Mark Pettinger of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission said a weed tent of this nature is completely legal, provided it is on private property with no liquor license.

For couples dependent on public venues and catering companies, your guests will just have to smoke covertly out by the dumpsters.


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