This Website Will Give You The Perfect Story To Read While You Poop

For many, reading happens on the toilet.

A new website is hilariously capitalizing on this reality by providing potty-bound peeps with something to read.

The site, called Poopfiction, is mobile friendly and allows users to select a story at random by length: tiny, short, medium, or long.

You'll then be directed to the story. Many of the stories are classics. Including works by Robert Louis Stevenson and Aesop sounds a little crazy... But hey, in this day and age, we could all use the extra time to curl up with a book even if that time is spent, well, on the John.

Head to Poopfiction to find out more.

First, choose your story length.

The site will find stories based on your time preference.

Tiny stories will take a minute or two to read...

Short, two to three minutes...

Medium, between three and four minutes...

...and long stories will take more than four minutes.

There are all kinds of stories to fulfill every need... next time you have to go, log on here.

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