If You Want To Have Kids, Study Says This Is The Worst US City To Live In


Welcoming a tiny human into the world is the most amazing thing.

But we all know the miracle comes with a hefty price tag. How much, exactly, varies on where you give birth. And a new study has revealed that there's a big difference in cost from state to state — like thousands of dollars difference.

The most expensive place to give birth in the US is Sacramento, according to healthcare information company Castlight.

Having a kid in the Californian city will cost you $15,420 for vaginal delivery and $27,067 for cesarean.

This is compared to the least expensive in Kansas City where a vaginal delivery is $6,075. The cheapest place for a cesarean is Pittsburgh at $6,891.


The biggest gap between minimum and maximum price for vaginal delivery is LA at $4,223 to $27,326.

But the cesarean tops it with a difference of seven times, from $6,232 to $42,530.

A spokesperson for Castlight said,

They later continued,

But don't let those eye-watering graphics stop you from having a family. You're better than that.

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