This Breathtaking Virtual Reality Video Of Nepal Will Move You To Make Change


One year ago, in April 2015, the world shook.

It shook for what seemed like an immeasurable amount of time under Kathmandu, Nepal.

Following the main event, which measured in as an 8.1 magnitude earthquake, the ground continued to sway for days, with aftershocks coming in nearly every 15 to 20 minutes.

The quake killed over 8,000 people and caused an avalanche on Mount Everest, taking an additional 21 lives.

In the immediate aftermath, it appeared the entire world came together in not only grief, but also as a collective unit to help the people of Nepal. But like all tragedy, soon, everyone must try to get back to normal life.

After months of aid, the world slowly backed away and returned to their daily routines. But the people of Nepal still need your help.

Journalist Christian Stephen, along with production team FS Productions, traveled to Nepal with the organization A World At School to shine a light on how the devastating earthquake continues to rock the future for the people of Nepal.

While there, he was able to capture a true story of hope with the children of Nepal who are willing to do anything just to get to school. Christian did so in stunning virtual reality to help you, the viewer, feel it all for yourself.

We asked Christian a few quick questions about why he chose this project, and why now. Find his Q&A below and his unbelievable video above.

Tell us a bit about your time visiting Nepal.

VR is really a new genre of filmmaking. Why do you think it's such a powerful storytelling tool?

What was it like to walk away from Nepal at the end of the shoot?

A lot of your work, beyond Nepal, focuses on some very difficult topics. Why, as a young person, do you feel these are the stories that are important to tell?

What was the most difficult, and most hopeful, thing you saw on your journey?

Don't stop caring just because the story is over. As A World At School points out, globally, there are 80 million children around the world whose education has been disrupted by conflict and natural disasters. Help them gain the education they so desperately crave by clicking here