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Nothing Is Perfect Except For These Memes About Virgo Season Energy

Put down the red pen and step away, please.

by Rhyma Castillo and Rosey Baker
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As a Virgo, I can personally attest to the fact that we’re not always the easiest sign to get along with. We’re perfectionists, and we can often come off as cold, critical, and judgmental. But at the end of the day, all the hate (and, dare I say it — envy? ) Virgos face from the rest of the zodiac is nothing compared to the criticism we dole out to ourselves. We’re constantly dissecting our own decisions, as if we can somehow analyze our way toward Beyoncé-like perfection. This brings us to 2021’s Virgo season, which kicked off on Aug. 22, when every sign in the zodiac gets a little taste of how it feels to worry like a Virgo. So here are some choice memes and tweets to help you get through Virgo season, when everyone becomes a critic.

Contrary to popular belief, Virgo season is not a time to freak out about all the things going wrong in your life. In 2021, the huge energy shift from Leo season to Virgo season may feel a bit jarring at first, as three planets move into Virgo. The sign of the logical, organized maiden might give you the urge to take a cold, hard look at yourself in the mirror, but it’s definitely not a time to be overly-self critical (spoiler alert: it’s never the time). Virgo season is a time to take a step back, evaluate your life, figure out what brings you joy — and say bye bye to what doesn’t. Is it cold? Maybe. Will other people see it as toxic? They might, but that’s not your problem — and it’s 100% the Virgo thing to do, baby.

Virgos are notorious for our relentless drive toward flawlessness, and honestly, it shows. While we’ve got a reputation for seeming put-together at all times, I’m here to tell you that behind our carefully curated veneer of perfection, Virgos are stressed out literally all the time. About what, you may ask? The answer is simple: being perfect, duh. While this vibe is just another day for all us Virgo suns out there, it’s clear a lot of people just aren’t ready for the inner turmoil that comes along with this Virgo season energy. All I can say is, godspeed. At least we have these memes to remind us that we’re not alone.

But seriously, I wouldn’t be a Virgo if I didn’t offer some unsolicited advice in this, my own season. So when this Virgo energy has you feeling penned in, remember to not hold yourself to unrealistically high standards. Harness the constructive energy that comes with Virgo season to step back, take a breath, and celebrate the progress you’ve made in realizing your dreams so far, even if you’ve had some hiccups along the way. Virgo season is all about decluttering and organization, and nothing clutters up your life like unnecessary negativity. Really. So, go ahead and delete the number of that one toxic hookup partner you only text when you’re bored at 3 in the morning. Once you feel the burden of a messy relationship or problem lifted from your shoulders, you’ll be all ready to move into the fun of Libra season, which starts on Sept. 22, with a clear head.

Take this season to practice that skill you’re trying to master, and give yourself the space to suck at it; pinpoint your bad habits and stress sources, and work on removing them; separate yourself from toxic energy to focus on self-improvement. Don’t worry — we’ll get through Virgo season together, and if all goes well, we’ll come out on the other side.

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