Courtesy Of Met Police

Video Shows Driver Crashing Cars While Looking At Phone

Razvan Rusu – a 30-year-old truck driver in north London – caused a pile-up on the highway when he rammed into two drivers, all while staring at his cell phone.

Scary footage of the crash has surfaced, and provides us with the needed reminder that texting while driving is idiotic.

Rusu received eight months in prison, and has gotten his license suspended for three years. To get it back, he will have to complete an extended test.

It's a miracle no one died in this accident.

The driver directly in front of the truck – who would've suffered severe injuries – swerved out of the way at the last minute after he spotted Rusu in his rearview mirror.

Stephen Pidgeon, a detective in the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, told the press,

Rarely is it possible to see such a clear example of the risks some drivers are willing to take with mobile phones and the danger that using them whilst driving can cause.

(By the way, the difference between our police and English police? English police use words like "whilst.")

According to AAA, 16 percent of all fatal car crashes are caused by distracted driving. These incidents cause about 5,000 deaths a year.

The most prevalent and high-risk form of distracted driving revolves around our phones, which we've habitually trained ourselves to need to constantly look at. It's utterly absurd that we would keep doing this while driving. But we all have on occasion.

I certainly have, and it's only by the grace of [insert religious deity here] that I've come away from such behavior unscathed.

Below is a video of several young drivers getting into non-fatal accidents because of distracted driving... almost all of which involve cell phones.

It's important to know that if you've done stuff like this, you're just here because you got lucky.

Taking your eyes off the road while you are propelling at 60 miles per hour in a giant iron cage of metal is so straightforwardly and obviously foolish, it boggles my mind why we consistently do it.

But the problem is, looking at your phone while driving doesn't feel dangerous.

But here I am, to help it feel dangerous: There is no difference between looking down at your phone as you are driving and just shutting your eyes for a few seconds as you are driving.

I don't think anyone reading this would be dumb enough to attempt the latter. It seems suicidal.

And yet, all over the country, people are constantly doing the equivalent of it, just so they can text their friends "hahahah lmaoooooo loooool" about some "Spongebob Squarepants" meme.

I know it's hard to accept. But I'm not afraid to say it here, in public: Life is more precious than memes.