Horrifying Video Shows Teen Scalped By Ride While Trying To Take Selfie

A video has emerged showing the horrifying moment after a girl got her scalp ripped off on a Ferris wheel.

The incident took place outside a college in Baraut, a small city around 40 miles north of New Delhi, India.

Multiple reports suggest the girl, believed to be in her teens, was trying to take a selfie when her hair became tangled in part of the ride.

Chaotic footage shows countless people shouting and swarming around a carriage.

WARNING: Graphic content

A girl whose head is covered in blood is seen to be in visible shock.

There is no hair on the top of her scalped head, but long locks appear to be trapped between metal.

Another girl is seen comforting her while men attempt to cut her hair free.

She was eventually torn free from the ride and taken to hospital where she underwent treatment, reports The Indian Express.

Further details about her recovery are not known at this stage.

The exact date it took place is not known, but videos of the incident were uploaded to YouTube at the end of September.

It's not the first fairground accident to strike India this year.

In May, a 25-year-old died and nine others were taken to the hospital after a ride derailed at a theme park near the city of Chennai.

The ride was being tested after heavy rains and floods.

Footage shows numerous people aboard a disk. As the ride starts, the disk begins to rotate. It builds up speed and moves backward and forward on a small rail with inclines on each side.

Suddenly, the carriage makes a loud creaking noise before it derails. Passengers are sent flying through the air before they slam into the ground.

The park owners were arrested on suspicion of negligence at the time. It is still open to members of the public.