Scared Kid On A VR Rollercoaster Is Living A Nightmare

Virtual reality: where no one can you hear you scream.

JK, because this child's shrieks were probably heard by everyone in this New Jersey mall, perhaps even the state of New Jersey itself.

The 5-year-old kid in the video above decided to ride a VR rollercoaster — one that looks like a Sharper Image massage chair accessorized with an Oculus Rift headset — and he was none too pleased.

The ride was virtual, but his fear was real.

In fact, the video filmed at the Paramus Mall begins with him pleading to his mother, "Mommy, I don't want to do this."

But his pleas fell on deaf ears as his mother laughed on, her cackles mingling with her child's squeals. His current mood?

Edvard Munch

Without a doubt, this kid is all of us riding an actual rollercoaster at the exact moment when we realize we've made a horrible mistake.

"Wait, how high does this go? Wait, did I just have three hot dogs before riding this? I SAID WAIT TURN THIS RIDE AROUND, I WON'T GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP."

Fortunately, the boy eventually regains his composure like a champ, and eventually starts enjoying the ride.

Screaming for the first half and then laughing for the second? Sounds like my 20s!

Check out the entire video of this young daredevil above conquering his fears.

Heck, maybe he'll inspire you to conquer yours, you know, the one that stops you from going to the zoo because you're deathly afraid the animals will all escape in a "Jumanji"-like situation.

Wait, you don't have that fear too? Uh, awkward.