Video Shows Chef Throwing Chili Powder In Customer's Eyes


A video has emerged of the shocking moment when a chef hurled chili powder into a customer's eyes at an Indian restaurant in Wales.

David Evans, 46, believed he was permanently blind following the savage altercation at the Prince of Bengal in Tonypandy, Rhondda.

He was eating out with his wife, Michelle, on Saturday, January 21, when the incident took place.


The couple claims they were confronted by a chef when they complained their meal wasn't up to par.

After saying they'd eat everything but the meat, the chef allegedly swore at Michelle.

The 47-year-old woman said David followed him into the kitchen and demanded an apology.


She explained,


It was at that point David walked after the chef and the man threw chili powder into David's eyes.

The video shows the pair standing at the entrance to the kitchen when a cloud of red covers David's face.


Michelle continued,


She said David began vomiting and was taken to the hospital.

He had drips attached to his eyes to flush out the powder.

David is undergoing treatment for his eyes. It is unclear how seriously damaged they are.

A spokesperson for South Wales Police said a man has ben arrested and bail is pending further inquiries.

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