Verizon Is Making It Harder For iPhone 7 Users To Stream Music On The Go

Verizon users are complaining about a regular loss of LTE connectivity on their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

People say it's common for the data to suddenly reduce to 3G.

A guy living in New York posted about the problem on a Reddit iPhone thread. He said,

So after a lot of testing the iPhone 7 on Verizon drop down randomly to 3G... While my 6s plus or 6s on Verizon in same area stays on LTE, I run speed test and the iPhone 7 just gets stuck on 3G. I'm not sure if its Verizon having problems but why the iPhone 7 only with problem not the 6s?

People responded saying they are experiencing the same problem.

Comment from discussion All my new iphone 7 stuck in 3G..

Comment from discussion All my new iphone 7 stuck in 3G..

There's little indication as to what is causing the issue.

Some people have suggested it's linked to the iOS 10 Apple update.

Connectivity can be fully restored by switching airplane mode on and off.

Apple has been bombarded with complaints about the new phone models.

Last month, users reported a mysterious hissing sound coming from the iPhone 7.

Videos have sprung up on YouTube and Twitter showing how reptilian the iPhones are sounding these days.

My unit, too, is producing these hissing sounds, even when it's on standby. #iPhone7 — Faryaab Sheikh (@Faryaab) 17 September 2016

Stephen Hackett at 512 Pixels was one of the first people to highlight the problem.

He wrote,

As my iPhone 7 Plus was restoring from iCloud, I thought I noticed some sound. After picking the device up from my desk, it was clear the sounds are coming from back of the phone, possibly from the CPU. It seems to get worse if the iPhone is under load. It's loud enough to be heard even if the iPhone is just sitting on the table. I don't have to put it up to my ear to hear it.

No one knows what's causing this problem, either.

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