These 'Vampire' Uber Drivers Are Using Terrifying Tactics To Scam Riders

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People in China are getting a real life horror movie experience since Uber drivers have started using a spooky "vampire" scam, scaring passengers out of rides. The most horrifying part? Uber passengers not getting to their destinations.

Well, OK, really it's the fact that some Uber drivers' profile photos are distorted and off-looking in a creepy way, kind of like how vampires look in China.

Would you take a ride from someone who looks like a creature of the night?

When you request an Uber ride, you can't pick your driver. So drivers with spooky profile pictures are accepting rides from unassuming Uber users, hoping to scare them from actually getting in the car.

These Uber scammers are either not showing up for rides, forcing users to pay the cancellation fee, which goes to the driver. Other Uber drivers are accepting rides without showing up but still get paid as if the ride happened.

The scariest part, to me, is that Uber didn't catch this mischief earlier. I don't even know how Uber let these profile photos go up anyway.

Nope. I would not get in a car with someone who looks like that.

Uber is aware of this issue and is currently collecting evidence and evaluating user reports, according to a statement given to Chinese media.

Even though passengers who have been scammed can file complaints with Uber and then get a refund, it's pretty infuriating.

I don't know why I'm surprised that Uber drivers have stooped this low to scam unsuspecting passengers. I've always been a yellow taxi girl, myself.

Still, it's not like all Uber passengers are always a pleasure to deal with. Maybe we can all agree to just chill for once.

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