No One Who Watched This Woman's Video Of Her Angry Uber Driver Is On Her Side

It's 2016, so we all confront our problems by pointing our video cameras at them.

Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. But, there's usually some hilarious footage involved.

On this occasion, when a woman filmed an Uber driver screaming at her, it completely backfired.

The passenger, who uploaded the clip to YouTube, claimed the driver was "hostile" and refused to take her to an emergency room.

But the more you watch, the clearer it becomes that the woman is actually the one being difficult.

The driver screams, "GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW. The ride is over. You've been extremely rude, extremely condescending this whole trip."

When she asks him to explain how, he responds by listing the reasons he's so pissed. He says, "You kept me waiting way too long, you showed up and told me you were in a hurry when you showed no actual effort to be in a hurry -- get out of my car now!"


The passenger argues, "I'm asking you in a very educated manner where am I?"

The driver responds, "You're at a hospital WHERE YOU NEED TO BE."

Eventually, someone from the hospital approaches the car and can be heard saying the ER is "on the other side" and he'll walk her there.

It seems many commenters were on the driver's side.

One person wrote, "Why would you stay in that situation if the hospital is right there? Walk up to the door, go inside ask staff how to get to the emergency room."

Another added, "Wow, you obviously [were] provoking him on the way there. You pulled your camera out hoping to play the [victim]. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Massive backfire. Maybe just get out the car next time, OK?

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