iOS10 Emojis Now Include A New Kind Of Family And People Are Loving It

Apple's iOS 10 update has introduced single parents to the the emoji family category.

Prior to this point, the family category only had two-parent families. Gay and lesbian family emojis were introduced back in April 2015, but single parents were completely and unfairly unrepresented.


But now, with the introduction of both single fathers and single mothers, this has all changed.  Those who have felt some families have been unfairly left out in the past are absolutely loving the update. The new emojis include a mom or dad with one or two female or male children.

People are expressing their happiness on Twitter, with one user congratulating Apple for acknowledging that “not everyone's parents are together.” Children who may have felt confused and left out by the lack of representation on their iPhones are now able to communicate their family situation in emoji form.

However, with the diversification of the family unit also comes criticism that Apple has not gone far enough.

A woman tweeted:

A single mother added:

Hopefully they'll continue to diversify with the next iOS update.