Uber's new Explore feature lets you book reservations, events, and more.

Uber’s New Explore Feature Can Plan Your Night Out All In 1 Place

Score a discount on your ride if you book a res in the app.

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Uber is no longer just an app for booking rides — as of March 1, it’s a one-stop reservation haven for booking your whole evening (or daytime adventure). The latest update to hit the app since allowing users to see their all their star-rating breakdown, Uber’s new Explore feature lets you book reservations, events, and more, so you can plan out your night all in one place. Here’s what you need to know about how to use the new feature to make your Uber app so much more than just a way to a hitch a ride.

Uber Explore, which was announced on March 1, is a new section in the Uber app for browsing and booking tickets to local art shows and concerts, making dinner reservations, and more. The feature offers convenient hacks like one-click rides, which allows users to call a car as soon as they’ve booked a res, personalized recommendations based on past experiences and Uber Eats orders, seamless Uber Wallet payments, and more.

The feature launched on March 1 for users in 14 cities across the country, and the company plans to expand to even more locations in the coming weeks and months. Uber also plans to add more experience offerings down the line, so make sure to keep checking Explore for even more über-fun opportunities (sorry, I had to).

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From discovering new spots in your own city to using the feature a tour guide when you’re visiting a new place, here’s how you can use Uber Explore to help you plan your itinerary.

Find Uber Explore

Starting March 1, residents in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New Orleans, New Jersey, Upstate New York, Orlando, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, and Mexico City can find the Explore tab at the bottom of the Uber homepage. You’ll recognize it by the paper airplane icon.

Browse Uber Explore & Score Offers

Once you’ve opened the Explore tab, you’ll see “Explore Offers” at the top. There you can get 15% off a ride (up to $10) if you book a res at one of the featured restaurants — so if you’re craving a deal, it’s good place to start.

Not sure what you want to do? Check out the “Explore the City” and “Trending Near You” sections right below the offers. You can book tickets to a ballgame, find a zoo or museum, or even book a day cruise. (At launch, it appears many of the experiences don’t let you book right in the app, so if it requires tickets, make sure you head to the website provided.) The suggestions also come with Yelp reviews, so you can get a feel of how past visitors have enjoyed the experiences.

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Make Restaurant Reservations With Uber Explore

Below the Trending section is the “Reserve A Table” option that lets you reserve a seat at your fave restaurant. According to an Uber spokesperson, reservations for restaurants and events can be booked in advance or the day-of.

Once you finally settle on a place to eat, select the “Reserve A Table” option to pick your reservation time and exact party size. After you’ve made your reservation, you can call a ride instantly with the “Ride There Now” button.

Pay For Events With Uber Explore

Uber Explore connects to your Uber Wallet and Payment profile, which means you won’t have to enter your card information every time you want to attend an event, as long as you can book it within the Uber app.

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Fittingly, there’s a lot to explore in Uber Explore, so if you find yourself without plans and looking for some suggestions, it’s a great place to start. And when you hitch a ride to whatever fun experience you stumble upon in the app, remember to follow Uber’s safety rules.