Here's how you can find your Uber rating breakdown of all your past ride reviews.

You Can Finally See *All* Your Uber Ratings — And How Many 5-Stars You've Gotten

Don’t get me started on the 1-star ratings.

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A 5-star Uber rating is the goal for almost anyone who uses the app for rides, but it’s a tough milestone to achieve. Until Feb. 16, there was no way to know what was holding you back — but Uber is finally giving users access to a breakdown of all their past ratings. You’ll be able to see all the really good and the really bad ratings from your Uber drivers (deep breaths, deep breaths) as well as the mediocre reviews in-between. Interested? Here’s how to find your Uber rating breakdown of all your past ride reviews.

The new feature, called rider’s ratings, launched on the Uber app on Feb. 16 in a new privacy section of the app called the Privacy Center. The highly requested rider’s ratings breakdown finally gives some insight into how your star-rating is calculated by providing a breakdown of how many times you’ve received a five-star rating, a four-star rating, and so on. And yes — the breakdown even includes one-star ratings.

Finding your personalized rider data can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. To find yours, tap your user profile in the top right corner of the Uber app and select “Settings.” Then, scroll down to and tap “Privacy,” then tap on “Privacy Center.”

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On the Privacy Center page, make sure “Rides” is highlighted in black. Right under “Rides,” you’ll see a section titled: “Your data and privacy at Uber.” Scroll through the carousel until you see an option that says, “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?” Tap “See summary.” From there, scroll down halfway until you see the Ratings sections. Tap “View my ratings” to see your Rider ratings breakdown.

There, you’ll see how your average Uber rating and how your stars stack up.

You can also access your rider rating breakdown by signing into your Uber account using the online website. Other fun stats in the Privacy Center include the number of how many Uber rides you’ve taken, Uber Eats orders you’ve placed, and your Uber Rewards status.

If you’re feeling down about your score, don’t worry. According to the rider ratings page, ratings are optional, which means your score isn’t based on every ride you’ve ever taken, just on the rides that’ve been rated. To help improve your score, Uber suggests making sure you never leave trash behind, buckle up on your rides, don’t make your driver wait, and remember not to slam the door — it’s all about respect, ya know?

Obviously the new Rider’s rating option is a huge deal for rating-snobs like me, but be careful — once you see your ratings breakdown, you can never unsee it. And when you catch an Uber ride to up your rating, remember to follow the company’s health and safety precautions.