Horrifying Video Shows College Student Verbally Assaulting An Uber Driver


A University of Michigan student's profanity laced rant against an Uber driver landed him in some seriously hot water.

The video in question was taken by 50-year-old Artur Zawada, an Uber driver based out of Ann Arbor who claims he was verbally assaulted by a University of Michigan freshman named Jake Croman.

In the 33-second video, which currently boasts over 326,000 views, you can see Croman dressed in a black jacket, recording his own cell phone video and ranting about Zawada. He says,

Here is where it gets tricky.

According to The Tab, Croman said the video “shows one side of an argument" he had with Zawada, claiming Zawada refused to drive him because of his religious beliefs. He went on to say,

Zawada denied these claims, telling The Tab he had a previous bad experience with Croman. He said,

A spokesperson for the University of Michigan now released a statement to BuzzFeed, seemingly taking the side of Zawada, saying,

Croman's frat, Tau Kappa Epsilon, also released a statement sort of siding with Zawada, saying,

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