These Two Sisters Crushed Their Wedding Toast With An Epic Mashup Song (Video)

A wedding toast that doesn't kinda suck? Mazal tov!

With the exception of the church and getting cute pictures of the groom dancing with the flower girl, the wedding toast is the most “vanilla” part of any nuptial celebration.

I've never seen a wedding toast that wasn't some combination of mediocre inside jokes, saying something like, “*insert lady name* is the only one who could tame *insert man name*,” and making awkward innuendos in front of the bride's entire family about what's going to happen later that night.

Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman saw potential wedding lemons and turned them into viral lemonade with a mashup toast featuring songs from The Jackson Five, Tracy Chapman, Backstreet Boys and others. They changed up the lyrics with references to their sister Caitlyn, and it was anything but boring.

Check it out up top!

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